Randy Cain


Randy Cain has a training pedigree that is second to none. His teaching resumé spans almost four decades. He has trained with the cream of the crop and taught with and for the most elite 1st generation of tactical training instructors. He has the extremely rare honor, being one of only three people in the world to hold instructor certification by Louis Awerbuck and Yavapai Firearms Academy. Randy coordinated and/or hosted YFA classes for 20 years. It was in fact, Louis Awerbuck who convinced Randy to hang out his own shingle. Randy was a Rangemaster and staff instructor at Gunsite for 8 years where he served as instructor in the highly esteemed “Masters Series” classes with Jeff Cooper. Serving as a police officer in patrol, SWAT, and as a training officer consolidated his philosophy of range training with the harsh realities of the streets in the real world. Randy doesn’t jump on the bandwagon of every new, weird, or esoteric fad that comes along,….preferring instead to focus on solid, time-tested fundamentals. He is an advocate of methodologies based in Gunsite doctrine and embraces tactics evolved over time through actual armed confrontations.

Instructor Credentials

  • A Lifetime shooter and hunter
  • Experience as a Police Officer, police SWAT team member, entry team leader, and training officer
  • 25 Years Experience in Traditional Oriental Martial Arts
  • George Peabody College for Teachers of Vanderbilt University, 1973-78

Teaching Experience

Over 25 years in the field of tactical firearms training as a professional trainer. Before that, another 25 years in traditional oriental martial arts including running and operating a martial arts school.

Background: Specialized Weapons Training

  • Louis Awerbuck - Multiple classes: Handgun, Subgun, Shotgun, Carbine, Rifle
  • Jeff Cooper - American Pistol Institute/GUNSITE - Pistol and Rifle Courses
  • Clint Smith - International Training Consultants - Countersniper I & II
  • Thunder Ranch - Urban Rifle 1 & 2
  • Pat Rogers - Carbine/Pistol
  • Ray Chapman - Pistol
  • Ken Hackathorn Advanced Concealed Carry Pistol
  • Hershel Davis - Handgun & Carbine
  • Bill Jeans - Tactical Shotgun, Tactical Handgun
  • Scott Reitz - Pistol
  • Larry Mudgett - Pistol
  • Anti-Terrorism training in Europe with British Royal Military Police
  • Training with German Police SWAT units
  • 'Action pistol' Competition Experience
  • Served as Rangemaster for Tennessee Practical Pistol Championships
  • DOE Nuclear Site Security Sniper School
  • Def-Tec Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification
  • Glock Police Pistol Armoror School
  • NRA Life/Endowment Member
  • NRA Police Firearms Instructor Development School
  • Tennessee State Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Illinois (ILETSB & NEMRT) Law Enforcement Certification: Firearms, Close Quarter Tactics, and Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Mississippi Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Certification
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)
  • Northwestern University Criminal Interdiction School
  • FBI Advanced SWAT School